Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spice Up Your Kitchen!

Okay, I know this is a non-paint related blog, but really wanted to share with y'all anyways :)
If you are looking for a easy, fresh new way to add some pizzazz to a lack-luster kitchen, here are some quick fixes you can try...

Fancify that boring range top with beautiful candles or maybe even a snazzy frame. Now I do realize that if you are a serious cooker this may not be an option for you since they will need to be moved when cooking. But to be honestly for someone like me whose motto is "I KNOW how to cook, I just DON"T do it", trust will love it!

Next up...ditch that old boring stainless utensil holder and replace it with something a little less ordinary. I found this great candle holder a couple of years ago at a home goods store. It has earned its keep around here as a toothbrush holder, a pen holder, and now houses my most used utensils.

My next tip will help to trick guests into thinking you are serious chef, HA! Don't hide those expensive bottles of oil (or if your cheap like me, the expensive ones you bought for next to nothing at TJ Maxx) put them on display! I used an old, mirrored tray that I had in storage that was my great grandmother's. I know it was nothing expensive, but I love having it out now to use, it is a great conversation piece, and keeps everything together and organized.

Look at what a great story these items tell when they are placed together. Something old, something new...makes me actually want to spend a little time in my kitchen. Well...that feeling didn't last for long, lol

The best part is that I shopped for all of these items in my home, which is totally in my price range right now! The moral of this willing to look at items beyond what they were originally intended for and you never know what greatness will transpire.

Thanks for stopping by again! I will be gone for the weekend, so y'all have a great one and I will see ya next week! btw, kiddos start school next week (and Momma too)!

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