Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello World!

     Okay, I am totally aware at this point that I am typing on here to noone...but that's okay...for now :) Anywho, a little about why I am starting a blog. Well, I am 35 and I DO NOT know how to properly type, yes that is right, I know I am probably the only person I know in this predicament. So, needless to say I have officially reached a point in my old age where I am tired of watching everyone else's fingers flying away around me and have decided it is high time to teach myself so I will be tortured no more! I am also a college student, so hopefully this will save me some valuable time next school year. I am using some free online tutors and I read a tip that said to start typing a journal, so voila! here I am!
     Please bear with me, I promise to make future posts more jazy as I hunt-and-peck away...
     I want yall to join me this summer as I stumble throught the various projects that I have planned. I will be fancifying some furnishings, brushing up on my Spanish, and the typing thing of course among other ventures. I think I will post a pic of the Chippendale chairs I am working on later today or tomorrow...c ya soon!

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